Qutidianly – Past?

Past? The past only weights when the present is filled with memories and fleeting expectations.  Today’s quotes invite us to “not to worry about what has already happened and take care of what is happening”. Remember, keep worrying about what happened distracts us from what is really going to happened.  Job 8:9 “For we are […]

Quotidianly – Doubt?

Doubt? We tend to prolong and magnify things that have already happened, we should learn to leave them in the past and have them be just a memory.  Today’s quote remains us that “we’re the result of effort and hope from our ancestors and parents”. Remember, God gives us every morning a new blank page […]


Mercy? We should always listen and look at others with our hearts. Today’s quotes reminds us that “Only love can link us to eternity”. Remember, we must express gratitude, forgiveness and love to everything and everyone in our surroundings.  Matthew 18:22 “Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy […]

Perla universal – January 7 Saturday 2023

Windows? Our glasses as windows capture, according to the external light, what we want to perceive internally.  Today’s quote reminds us that our vision of life does not depend so much on our looks but on inner interpretations. Remember, although the window is the same everybody sees what they want on the outside.    John 8:12 […]

Quotidianly – Sunday December 11, 2022

Conjectures? Sometimes we make conclusion based on our rigged, selfish, and wrong ideas.   Today’s quotes reminds us to be more observant in order to understand things that most people refuse to understand Remember, often times we have to search for a balance between what we want in life and what we are living.  Hebrews 10:24 […]

Quotidianly – Blessed Sunday November 27, 2022.

Indifferent? Our differences add value to our lives, but it is also our indifferences that divides us. Today’s quote reminds us that sometimes is better to be absent than to get people bored with our presence. Remember, accepting that others think differently lead us to stop felling indifferent with our own thoughts. Jeremiah 5:21 “Hear […]

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