Quotidianly – Plagues?

Plagues? Our desire to receive must be transformed into giving, working more and more to know ourselves beside our Creator. Ten (Iud י) as a letter or number, calls us to ensure that the ten principles and commands of the the Creator are what guide us. Today’s quotes express to us that “even if it […]

Quotidianly – Bread?

Bread? The Lord’s supper קְעָרָה ke’ara, means feeding ourselves daily with that Bread of Life, to live like Him, acting according to His merciful will. Lejem לחם, bread, comes from the root ljm לחמ which is homonymous with the root ljm לחם of the word miljamah מלחמה, war, which invite us to understand that, in […]

Quotidianly – Meanings?

Meanings? Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, אָלֶף־בֵּית עִבְרִי, Alefbet ivri, has a special meaning, which is why their combination offers us different lessons that we must learn to interpretate. Words like Tzum צוֹם, in its three Hebrew letters, take us to glimpse, thanks to those sings: tsado, vav and men, a relationship that encourages […]

Quotidianly – Beauty?

Beauty? Beauty, תפארת, from a Heavenly vision is really a force that integrates us and gives balance to compassion and severity. The priests, kohen כּהן, or the Leviim, fulfilled a work until He became a human to be our mediator. Today’s quotes reiterate to us that “is more important the ethics than the aesthetics.” Beauty […]

Quotidianly – Denominations?

Denominations? The Creator gives us a new identity, just as He called Jacob יַעֲקֹב, Yaaqob, Israel יִשְרָאֵל, He also has a Heavenly name for us. The term akov, עָקֹב֙, antonym of crooked הֶֽעָקֹב֙, reminds us that without the Creator we can’t live in a correct way, since He rectifies our crooked and uneven course. Today’s […]

Quotidianly – Plague?

Plague? Refocusing our thoughts on His word takes us to act in a correct, coherent, and consistent way, הגון, Hagun. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, from the first one א, to the last ת, gives us signs to reorient our lives. Today’s quotes explain to us that “by recognizing that everything created is good, […]

Qoutidianly – Months?

Months? The passage of time reminds us that each time we have fewer chances to get closer to Him, which is why, Adar אֲדָר, calls us to stop further clouding our vision with and non-existent future. The Beit Din בית דין‎ or Jewish court, centuries ago, lit fire in the mountains to inform them about […]

Quotidianly – called?

Called? Our names שמי, shmi, point out characteristics that, from the divine, remind us that we are children of the Creator. He calls us through our ancestors, Judá, יהודה Yahû’dâh, until we understand our need to join Him. Today’s quotes tell us that “our actions count more that our preaching”. As Leví, לוי, we are […]

Quotidianly – Carnivals?

Carnivals? All our days יוֹם yom, should be festive, dedicated to the Creator, enjoying everything and everyone. Those who speak of בעל‎ bá`al, as a deity, are mistaken because the same term speaks to us about service, of surrender to Him. Today’s quotes ask us to “not to lose the amazement of knowing we are […]

Quotidianly – Manual?

Manual? The Bible is our life manual, and we should heed its precepts if we want to live according to our Creator’s plan. Perhaps that is why those who heed His commands understand that He himself with His angels, shomer, שׁוֹמֵר, guards and guide us. Today’s quotes express to us that “our greatest desire should […]

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