Quotidianly – Us?

Us? The Yód or Yúd (י) is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, perhaps that is why, when taking it as an analogy to Spanish we should speak better of a Yus.  Even the same Promon I אֲנִי, ani, taken to our maximum ego, reiterates to us that the lesson is about the first-person […]

Quotidianly – Intercede?

Intercede? The prayer תפילה, tefillah, is our best tool to get closer to Him and to get away from that selfish mode of assuming our experiences through sin. His lessons are, mishná o misná מִשְׁנָה, commands and precepts, our best inputs for integral growth.  Today’s quotes tell us that “life does not give or take […]

Quotidianly – Correction?

Correction? To correct us: yāsar יָסַר, noun of mûsār מוּסָר, implies a change of attitude, a Tikún that, as a personal process, calls us to recognize our mistakes in other to change, considering the guidance of our Creator. Contributing to the repair of the world Tikún Olam, תיקון עולם, means reviewing our traditions and relationships […]

Quotidianly – Fear?

Fear? Fear is only a wakeup call to achieve a full trust or reverential fear, yirah יראה, in our Heavenly Father. Trust, בָּטַח, bátaj, calls us to appreciate our little actions, so that they do not greatly affect us by distancing ourselves from the Creator. Today’s quotes remind us that “the natural thing is not […]

Quotidianly – Weights?

Weights? Our pain, Jabes יַעְבֵּץ, it’s no more than a wakeup call to assume our responsibilities and grow consciously and comprehensively. We suffer when we interpretate wrongly the transformations that life demands of us to be able to rise to heaven instead of decaying and wallowing on the ground. Today’s quotes ask us to “the […]

Quotidianly – Blood?

Blood? The word Brother, aj אח, since Cain and Abel, call us to perceive ourselves as parts, to please each other, to contribute instead of keep attacking and separating ourselves. We all come from the same blood parents, דַּם dam, the dust of the same earth, the same Creator, but we don’t understand it. Today’s […]

Quotidianly – Free?

Free? Our desires חֲשָׁקִים jashakim and the intensions that these move, must motivate us to integrate ourselves with the Creator instead of moving further and further away from him. Our will, רָצוֹן ratzón, must be guided by Him or our selfishness will lead us to coexist in the midst of conflicts. Today’s quotes remind us […]

Quotidianly – Sacrifice?

Sacrifice? We mistakenly believe that by not doing some acts that gives us pleasure, we are sacrificing ourselves, but the true is that the same word korban, קרב, reiterates to us that we are only getting closer with the Creator. The word karev קרב call us to motivate ourselves to integrate with Him through His […]

Quotidianly – Plan

Plan? Before creating us, He contracted: Tsimtsum צמצום, limiting himself, to manifest himself in his mind, as a container, allowing our coexistence.  Sparks of His light that He disperse as souls, here on earth, generating from their united, the multiplicity that reproduces a disorder: Elyonim in which we cohabit. Today’s quotes explain to us that […]

Quotidianly – Sense?

Sense? Everything tells us about our essence as children of the Creator, created beings, yehi יְהִי, through that light, light that guides, feeds, and encourages us. Which means that the sense of our experiences is to voluntarily reintegrate us to Him through His work, for which He made everything good: tôv טוב. Today’s quotes explain […]

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