Quotidianly – Abilities

Abilities? We have abilities for which we must respond to the Creator being useful to his work.  Today’s quotes remind us that “love as a gift calls us to radiate its light in everything and everyone.”  Remember, it is better to contribute so that everything can change, than to move away and be change.   I […]

Quotidianly – Desvaír?

Despair? Life calls us to feel its peace, but we prefer to fill it with our interior chaos.  Today’s quotes remind us that “anger is a kind of acid that we pour on ourselves.”  Remember, we have to learn to value experiences more than possessions.  Jeremiah 8:3 “Death shall be preferred to life by all […]

Quotidianly – Book?

Book? The book of life is written and rewritten daily from our intentions and thoughts.  Today’s quotes tell us that “the skin is just the lining of our bodies.”  Remember, the bible is our manual given that it was written by God.  Revelation 20:15 “And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book […]

Qoutidianly – Obvius?

Obvious? Our subconscious recognizes what is correct, coherent, and consistent according to what God dictates.  Today’s quotes reminds us that “our obsessions exceed the divine reality for which we were created”.  Remember, we coexist in a spiritual dimension that is experienced from a mental space and we perceive it as physical.  Galatians 6:9 “ And […]

Quotidianly – Matter?

Matter? Each atom of energy that composes us interrelates us with the Creator, given that we are integral part of an everything.  Today’s quotes tell us that it is our soul that gives life to the body and not the other way around.  Remember, we only perceive as real what we linguistically interpret as such.  […]

Quotidianly – Victims?

Victims? Regularly we victimize ourselves, we decay, ignoring that we are call to transform and grow.  Today’s quotes tell us that “it depends on us not only how what happens to others affect us, but to what extent they infect us”. Remember, we should understand that when we throw garbage at others, we are first […]

Quotidianly – Here?

Here? Everything new that happens in our lives, good or bad, should be an opportunity to become aware of God’s plans.  Today’s quote reminds us to learn from our mistakes instead of repeating them and even magnifying them. Remember, when we amend what we have done wrong, we focus on enjoying an eternal present.  I […]

Quotidianly – Slaves?

Slaves? Our freedom requires divine guidance and for us to be aware of its guidance.  Today’s quote remind us that “we were given the chance to obey or get away from the Creator” Remember, the Easter is to purify our selves internally, decontaminating ourselves from all the resentment. I Corinthians 5:7, “Purge yourselves therefore of […]

Quotidianly – Anger?

Anger? Our emotions are indicators of where an unconscious lead us that alert us to correct the course.  Today’s quotes tell us that our senses make contact even when our tongue doesn’t.  Remember, those who don’t control themselves will live off the effects of their chaotic emotions.  Colossians 3:8 “But now you must put them […]

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