Quotidianly – Messengers?

Messengers? Everything informs us, lehaguid, לְהַגִּיד, and communicates about integrating us with the Creator, through His work. The angel Gabriel, Gavar, גבר, plus Him, אל, reminds us that “the Creator is powerful” so we only need to trust in His love. Today’s quote reminds us that “we have a soul, without really being souls, although […]

Quotidianly – Orientation?

Orientation? When we fall נָפַל, naphal, due to our disobediences, we cling to the dream and its impurities, ignoring heaven and its blessings. It is the depth, עֹ֫מֶק, omeq, of His word, the best environment to know that we are a part instead of continuing to assume that we are apart. Today’s quote reminds us […]

Quotidianly – See?

See? We perceive the exterior more from our biased interpretations and expectations than from the real, תִּקְוָה, tiqvah.  The letter Ayin, ע, tells us about the eye, calling us to tear the veil of our selfish gazes to perceive that other reality.  Today’s quote reiterates to us “Everything that happens to us it’s a call […]

Qoutidianly – Blood?

Blood? Najal, נָחַַל or inherit reiterates to us that we received from our ancestors as much information about the original sin as the love for life. Heli, על, as a grandfather invites us to understand that every experience must integrate us as one family. Today’s quote tells us “Every particle of this creation is interrelated […]

Quotidianly – Guarantee?

Guarantee? Our job is to trust, מִבְטָח, mibtach, in Him to understand that everything else is uncertain and perishable. Searching for our liberty, דְּרוֹר, deror, means understanding that we are slaves of sin. Today’s quote tells us “To avoid saying that something is ours since nothing belongs to us, we are only stewards of those […]

Quotidianly – Loneliness?

Loneliness? The word Hitbodedút, התבודדות, calls us to reflect alone to direct our attention inward, to reconnect with the Creator. The Creator offers us every moment a new dawn, שַחָר, shajar, and it is up to us to wake up or not. Today’s quote reiterates to us that “every fruit is the result of an […]

Quotidianly – Couples

Couples? The concept of Baʻal ַלבַּעַל, from its conjugal sense, invites us to keep that pact and promise before the Creator. Today’s quote tell us that “darkness lives more un our minds that in what we perceive as outside”. It’s not so much about receiving, Lekabel, לקבל, as about giving by acting responsibly with respect […]

Quotidianly – Fire?

Fire?  The Hebrew word Dabar דָּבָר, refers not only to fiscal objects but also, to its ruts dibur, to speak, which indicates that every object is the construction of a spoken message.  Entropy as a law describes the disorder of things in nature, which from the spiritual point of view calls us to light within ourselves […]

Quotidianly – Chronology

Chronology? Both Adam and Eva, as Noé (נֹחַ, rest) or Abraham (Aba אב ,אבה, father of the town) reiterate us that we are children of the Creator. From the union of Abraham with Hagar, then with Sara and finally with Cetura were born those ancestors who constituted those diverse races and beliefs that today lead […]

Quotidianly – Purity?

Purity? Nourishing ourselves with the word every day (Parashá Pará פרשת השבוע) should serve us as preparation to wait for the arrival of the Messiah. Invitation to seek for our spiritual purity and cleanliness (impureza טֻמְאָה tum’a), thanks to the fact that we focus on that faith as a daily purpose. Today’s quotes ask us […]

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