Quotidianly – Redemption?

Redemption? The concept of redemption פָּדָה, padah, tells us about a rescue, about our salvation, about a Celestial plan. Perhaps that is why He, as head, רֹאשׁ rosh, of the universe, calls us to use our reason for our salvation. Today’s quotes remind us that “every wound contains a personal mission of healing”. Dead, sheol, […]

Quotidianly – Mysteries?

Mysteries? The concept of mystery or hidden עלום, instead of filling us with expectations or fears, should rather lead us to trust more in our loving Heavenly Father. The truth, emet אמת, implies understanding that our finite and limited language fails to explain those doubts that co-govern our thoughts. Today’s quotes explain us that “all […]

Quotidianly – Iluminated?

Illuminated? The light אור, more than illuminating us is, essentially, what fills our existence thanks to the energy of His word. Our greatest propose should be to unite, ejad אֶחָד ekjád, to Him throught His work. Today’s quotes remind us that “waking up means to start recognizing what we are not”. It is love that […]

Quotidianly – Invoke?

Invoke? We are servants, netinéo nĕtı̂nı̂m נְתִינִים, but this is a gift from the Creator, Iaô, hence each term speaks to us from those signs Yahu, so we can be good Samaritans, helpful beings, thanks to His guidance. Our Creator, our Lord אָדוֹן Jesus Christ, adon, Adonai presents to us, through his attributes, that only […]

Quotidianly – We Flow?

We flow? He presents to us through His emanations, Jesed חסד, that mercy that calls us to nourish ourselves from the Tree of Life: our Lord Jesus Christ. Those who assume that money שקל, shekel, is a blessing, ignore that it is our greatest test. Today’s quotes remind us that “work, as an activity, is […]

Quotidianly – Exchanges

Exchanges? Our exchanges of information, Tevet טֵבֵת, at all levels call us to live in conscious harmony with all that is created. Times, areve’ ארבע, that even give winter, as the other seasons, new characteristics so that the exterior no longer affects the interior. Today’s quotes reiterate us to “our children are the best way […]

Quotidianly – Understanding?

Understanding? The scholars assured that on the last day of Hanukkah, חנוכה ḥanukka, we must dedicate the time to give ourselves the opportunity to repent and reconnect with Him. Understanding that this light that we see daily has something to do with that divine energy that moves us, is a good start to assimilate our […]

Quotidianly – To Be Reborn?

To be reborn? Being born, Lehivaled עִברִית, as a concept proposes us to understand that this divine gene is waiting like a seed to germinate as life in this world. Our goal is Heaven שָׁמַיִם‎ šāmayīm, dwelling with our Creator so this earthly plane contains the path of return. Today’s quotes await us to “to […]

Quotidianly – Us?

Us? The Yód or Yúd (י) is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, perhaps that is why, when taking it as an analogy to Spanish we should speak better of a Yus.  Even the same Promon I אֲנִי, ani, taken to our maximum ego, reiterates to us that the lesson is about the first-person […]

Quotidianly – Intercede?

Intercede? The prayer תפילה, tefillah, is our best tool to get closer to Him and to get away from that selfish mode of assuming our experiences through sin. His lessons are, mishná o misná מִשְׁנָה, commands and precepts, our best inputs for integral growth.  Today’s quotes tell us that “life does not give or take […]

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